What’s Your Favorite Class?

This pie chart by David Brown is a representation of students’ favorite course subjects

Favorite Class Poll and Quotes

by David Brown

Sophomore Colie Flynn: “English is a great subject for me. I love the idea I can express myself with words and be creative about it at the same time.”

Senior Connor Haselton: “English is my favorite because I love to write. I like all the different forms of writing there are from compositions to poetry. Writing can really express a person’s feeling rather than solving a formula, which to me, is important in life.”

Senior Randy Wentworth: “History is my favorite subject because I love learning about past events in the U.S. and seeing what went wrong to fix the problems of the future.”

Senior Shannon DeMontigny: “What I like about history is learning about our country. I like learning about what each president did and their achievements during their presidency. I like learning about amendments and foreign policies the most about our country’s history.”

Sophomore Tessa Shultz: “Math is my favorite because I like how you’re supposed to come out with a correct answer and how orderly math is.”

Senior Mitchell Dyer: “Science is my favorite class. I enjoy doing labs and learning how the world and body works.”

Sophomore Nina Beauvais: “Foreign language is my favorite because my family is French so it comes naturally to me.”

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