Teacher feature: Mr. Herber

by Leo Charlebois

History teacher Mr. Herber has filled many roles at the North Attleboro High School over the years. Originally, he was a high school student athlete. Mr. Herber was a tremendous football player for NAHS and he played the position of left guard. After graduating from Westfield State University, Herber came back to NAHS to continue making an impact on the community.

Upon his return to North Attleboro High School, Herber began teaching many History classes including American Government and implemented the advanced teaching techniques that Westfield had quipped him with to engage his students. Aside from his teaching expertise, Herber’s lively and down to earth manner makes him extremely relatable and interesting to students. He quickly became a faculty favorite among the student body.

“Mr. Herber is the man. He jokes around with us a lot in class but also stays focused on his lesson plan and never lets the class get too out of hand.” says Senior David Clark.

Throughout his time at NAHS Mr. Herber has always been very interested in the Track Program. Herber was eager to become a part of this program so he would have the opportunity to make connections with students and spread his athletic knowledge. Herber ended up coaching the track team for 17 years.

“Coach Herber is a great guy, he’s really competitive but takes the time to give quality coaching to all members of the team. Not just the high scoring varsity team members” said Former NAHS student Nathan Ademyi.

After years of Coach Herber’s guidance, Nathan was able to compete with Umass Amherst division 1 Hurtles team.

Herber is also recognized in the NAHS community for his good ethics. In June of 2015, Herber received national accolades when he forfeited the the Rocketeers MIAA division 1 championship because of a scoring error by the judges. After the miscalculation was fixed, the team ended up placing 3rd behind Central Catholic and Woburn. His story of honesty made the paper and he was interviewed by local TV stations about the situation.

After Mr. Herber’s reign as NAHS track coach came to an end, he was still inspired to stay involved in coaching. He was already the assistant offensive coordinator for the Football team but Herber still had the desire to expand his coaching horizons. He eventually found himself a coaching position with the girls basketball program in 2014. He will continued to coach basketball year through the current 2016-2017 season.

Mr. Herber has vastly increased the skill level and basketball IQ of his players.

Senior captain Ashley Ahearn said, “Coach Herber is one of the best coaches I’ve ever had, he is serious about competing hard during games and practice. He also realizes when we have time to have fun and allows the team to have fun and bond together.”

Overall, through teaching and coaching a wide variety of activities Mr. Herber has asserted himself as a prominent figure in the community. His love of sports has spread like wildfire throughout the student body. Also, his brilliant teaching skills will continue to make the school environment unique and fun.

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