Christmas Traditions

Christmas is such a warm, happy and jolly time of year. It’s very common for many people to spend lots of time with their family and friends. But will Christmas 2020 be the same as previous years? Will the traditions be the same as they have been in the past? Or will Covid-19  affect the way people spend the holidays with their families?

For my family, hosting a friends Christmas party at the beginning of December has always been something we love to do. In addition , my mom’s side of the family comes on Christmas Eve and my Dad’s side of the family comes on Christmas Day. Opening gifts, going to church, and having a big meal are things we’ve spent many years doing together. But because of Covid-19, this year we won’t be hosting any of these. For us, Christmas Day this year will be spent with our Grandpa, similar to our Thanksgiving this year. One thing that will stay the same though is our annual ski trip right after Christmas, which our family is really looking forward to. Despite everything that has been canceled, we are overjoyed we will get to go ski and still keep this tradition. 

I spoke with senior Haley Strom and she said that with Covid-19, her usual Christmas plans with her grandparents and going to church won’t be happening as they usually do. She says, “I am still really looking forward to spending the time with my family and our annual tradition of watching A Christmas Story movie the night before Christmas”.

I then spoke with senior Olivia Etienvre and to her family, Covid-19 isn’t affecting her family’s Christmas Eve bake off and spending the time together as a family. She says, “We’ve always kept it just to our family so this year it will be nothing different.” She’s excited for Christmas. 

I lastly spoke with senior Jess Gaskin and just like Haley and me, her holidays are going to be different this year because of Covid-19. She says, “Every year we spend Christmas Eve at my aunt’s. I look forward to seeing my cousins and opening presents, but this year it won’t be like that.” Jess’s tradition changed because of COVID, but another tradition her family still has is “ Every Christmas we spend time as a family watching The Christmas Story movie”.

Ultimately, holidays are so special to myself and so many people I know.This year Covid-19 may affect the time spent with extended family and friends but with the immediate family all traditions and family time can be held the same and maybe even some new traditions can be made.

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