NAHS Clubs and Organizations

by Joey Cook

With the start of the new school year, students around North Attleboro High School are looking to get involved in various sports, clubs and organizations.

NAHS offers a variety of clubs and organizations to help every student get involved. Although North Attleboro may be known for athletics, it offers a lot more than sports.

Students have the option to join a club that meets either during or after school. Some of the most known clubs around North Attleboro High include the Marching/Jazz band, Model Senate, SCAR (Student Coalition Against Racism), and Theatre Company. These are available to any interested student.

Senior Nick Silva said, “These clubs and organizations are a great thing for North Attleboro. It’s a way to get every student involved without having to be necessarily an athlete and play a sport.”

Some of the most influential student leaders in the school are the class officers. Each class elects four representatives who are trusted with decision making and fundraising.

“Being a class officer feels great,” said Senior Treasurer Nick Pedro. “It’s a great way to get involved and go about your class ideas.”

You don’t have to be an elected officer to make a difference within the school. Other organizations include Best Pals, National Honor Society, Rocket’s Corner School Store and Student Council.

For the complete list of clubs and organizations offered at NAHS, as well as the advisor whom you should contact if you’re interested in joining, check out the list below.

  • Clubs
    • Art Club (Advisor: Mr. Flanagan, Room 126)
    • Building Bridges/Gay-Straight Alliance (Advisor: Ms. Forgard, Room 101)
    • Galadriel (Advisor: Ms. J. O’Brien, Room 220)
    • Marching/Jazz Band (Advisor: Mr. Rizzo, Music Office 1B)
    • Math League (Advisor: Mrs. Scorpio, Room 119)
    • Model Senate (Advisor: Mr. Elwood, Room 209)
    • Peer Leaders (Advisor: Mrs. Flanders, Room 132)
    • SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) (Advisor: Mrs. Flanders, Room 132 )
    • SCAR (Student Coalition Against Racism) (Advisor: Vacant)
    • Science Club
    • Theatre Company (Advisor: Ms. Forsgard, Room 101)
    • Select Choir & Women’s Choir (Advisor:  Mr. Couture, Music Office 1B)
    • Student Awareness Club (Advisor: Vacant)
  • Organizations
    • Best Pals (Advisor: Vacant)
    • Foreign Language National Honor Society (Advisor: Ms. McGrail)
    • National Honor Society (Advisors:  Mrs. Flanders, Room 132 and Mrs. Rushlow, Room 220)
    • Rocket’s Corner School Store (Advisor: Ms. Barish, Room 104)
    • Science Fair (Advisor: Mr. Hatzberger, Room 242)
    • Student Council (Advisors: Mrs. Violette, Room 224 and Mrs. Kelleher, Room 218)
    • Yearbook Committee (Advisor: Mrs. Sandra McCrory)
  • Elected Positions

Class Officers:

Class of 2016

Pres.        Chris Lavallee

V.P.        Meredith Johnson

Sec.        James Schromm

Treas.        Nick Pedro

Advisor:    Ms. Hanley

Class of 2017

Pres.        Kayla Roy

V.P.        Cameron Crosman

Sec.        Tom Vidal

Treas.        Michael Tobey

Advisors:    Mrs. Ensign and Ms. Curran

Class of 2018

Pres.        William Drummond

V.P.        Alexis Frechette

Sec.        Casey Quinn

Treas.    Leah Marceau

Advisor:          Ms. Forsgard

Class of 2019

Student Council

2016 Representatives: Kiersten Bixby, Davin MacDonald, Isabelle Renzi, Ally Tong

2017 Representatives: Teresa Bagarella, Isabella Beckett, Owen Costello, Brandon Nally

2018 Representatives: Emily Haskell, Gina Manganaro, Mackenzie Rosenberg, Tammy Do


Athletics: $150 per sport ($600 family cap)

Theatre: $75 for all productions

Music: $75 for all offerings

Clubs: $150 for all offerings

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