An Investment to Make

by David Brown

North Attleboro is a great school that has great students, staff, athletics and clubs. One thing not so great at NAHS is the football field. This field has patchy grass, many bumps and small hills, and is hard to maintain throughout the fall with the changing weather. The track is also in mediocre shape with cracks. North Attleboro would benefit with a new turf field for the following reasons:

     1.)   It’s Easier to Maintain

There would be little to no maintenance work required to the field. The lines would already be painted onto the field and will be in the same shape all year round. It would be a flat surface and would look nicer and be in better shape than it is on its best day now.

     2.)  It Could be Used for Several Sports

The new turf field could be used for more than just football. Soccer and lacrosse could also use the new turf field for their benefit. The new turf field would get a lot of use and would be wildly popular by athletes using the new field. It would get used for the fall and spring seasons, so it would be well worth the money and would not go to waste.

     3.)  It Could Prevent Injuries

Injuries are a serious issue among high school athletes. Some injuries are so severe that they can leave lasting effects on athletes and, in some cases, permanent injuries. Having a field with patches of grass, small rocks, and uneven terrain is unsafe. Having a bumpy surface can cause many different types of injuries. This can all be solved by having a turf field. Having a turf field will provide a smooth, flat terrain that is safer for athletes to play on.

      4.)  It’s Durable

It’s obvious that a turf field is durable. It would live up to its value and last many years down the road, serving thousands of athletes. The field now has been overused and has taken a beating, while a new turf field would be able to handle heavy use for years to come.

     5.)  Better for the Weather

As the year goes on and the weather gets colder, the grass field gets in worse shape. With a new turf field, it will be in the same great shape it always is year round and will be better to play on for all athletes.

    6.)  A New Track

A new track can complement a new turf field well by getting rid of the cracks. It can be used for Spring Track, Cross Country and Winter Track when the weather permits. This means with a new track and turf field it will benefit at least six sports teams.

A new turf field and a track would be a shrewd decision for the town of North Attleboro to make. It would be worth the money, especially down the road with the years it’ll last, the thousands of athletes that will use it, and the shape it’ll be in.

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