NAHS Improv Troupe in Action

Lyndsey Burtch captivates her Improv Troupe audience. (Photo by Nick Dirschel)

by Carolyn Wallace

At 2:00 on Monday afternoon, 15 students from around the school gather together to share what they all have in common– a quick wit.

Improv, or improvisation, is the ability to make unscripted and comical scenes up on the spot. It involves an initial scene and the ability to be open-minded, quick, creative and alert on stage.

The NAHS Improv Troupe held auditions in late September, and started their weekly rehearsals on October 5th. These 1-hour rehearsals keep members of the troupe ready for all performances they will be a part of.

So what does a typical hour long rehearsal look like? Keep reading to find out.

2:00- All members meet in room 101 and sign in.

2:00- 2:15- Members play a warm up game or two. These games, such as “The Machine” and “Energy,” help everyone to get energized and ready for the rehearsal.

2:15- 2:30- A bigger and more complex game may take place, involving anywhere from 4 to 8 members. These games, like “Party Quirks” or “the Dating Game,” help to work on characterization and being able to be flexible with ideas onstage.

2:30-2:50- Games such as “The Cube,” “Evil Twin,” or “Emotion Commotion” usually take place during this time. These games involve more quick-thinking and creating plots based on a given setting. (For example, “You’re at a bowling alley- make a scene!”)

2:50-3:00- Rehearsals begin to wind down, and the troupe closes the hour with a final exercise.

The members of the Improv Troupe are:

Olivia Pettengill (co-head), senior Lyndsey Burtch (co-head), senior

Stephen Kiely, senior Carolyn Wallace, senior

Alexander Rinaldi, sophomore Abi Rodriguez, senior

Ahmad El-Zeftawy, sophomore Andrew Lamoreux, junior

Meredith Johnson, senior Nicole Boulanger, senior

Nicole Toppses, freshman Ben Wuesthoff, junior

Randy Wentworth, senior Caleb Vargas, sophomore

Will Pierce, sophomore

The Improve Troupe, which is run by senior co-heads Lyndsey Burtch and Olivia Pettengill, performs at many different occasions throughout the school year including The One Act Festival, Fine Arts Shows, and various coffee houses.

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