Ping Pong Club

by Andrew Read

A brand new club that involves paddles and a big, green table has bounced its way into the halls of NAHS.

Senior Austin Lozinski and advisor Ms. Neves founded the Ping Pong Club, which had its first meeting on Tuesday, October 27. The club will be meeting every Tuesday in the cafeteria for the rest of the school year.

Lozinski recently explained that he had been thinking about starting the club since the end of last school year, but didn’t want to form it until the start of this year.

Seniors Yaseen Abdalla (left) and Joey Baltadonis (right) battle for supremacy in the first round of a tournament, as Alexi Alisandratos, Josh Lemken and Dyllan Zilch watch. (Image by Andrew Read)

When asked how he got the idea to start the club, he said, “I saw that there were a lot of different clubs, and I play ping pong quite often, so I figured why not try to start a ping pong club?”

Austin also detailed the process necessary in order to start a club, in case anyone wants to start their own. The first step is to make sure that you have at least two members who want to participate, including yourself. Nine members showed up to the first ping-pong meeting.

The next step is to get everything in writing; mainly what the club is, and what you’ll be doing. After that you need to find an advisor who is willing to dedicate their time to watch the club every week. Ms. Neves was kind enough to volunteer her Tuesday afternoons to advise the club.

Next, you need to get the club approved by Mr. Juelis. Finally, you need approval for the space that you need in order to hold the club, and for any equipment that you require. For instance, Austin needed to get permission to use the cafeteria, a ping pong table and paddles every Tuesday afternoon. In Austin’s case, the whole process took about a week.

Austin encourages anyone who wants to make a club to do so. He said, “Go for it. It’s not all that hard, and if there’s one person who’s into something then chances are there will be other people into it that will want to join.”

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