Super Smash Bros. Club

by William Libertine

Yet again, another new and interesting club has smashed its way into NAHS. This club, which involves gaming controllers and monitors, has members play Super Smash Brosand compete against one another. Smash Club has garnered the attention of many, and while some may find such a club boring or non-beneficial, there are those that would disagree.

The club’s founder, junior Jaison Ragnaught, had wanted to start the club for over two months, and finally was able to begin right around the time that mid-terms ended last year, in February of 2015. When asked what led him to start the Smash Club, Ragnaught said, “I played a lot of Smash Bros™ and noticed I was fairly good at it, and knew some friends who liked it as well. Knowing there would be quite a few people who would be interested, I decided it would be a great way to bring some people together after school and have some collective, competitive fun.”

On average, there are 15-16 people who meet after school every Thursday to attend the club. It runs for about an hour, from 2-3 pm; generally, members will talk, hang out, train newcomers to the world of Super Smash Bros, create game modes, hold tournaments and distribute prizes.

Sixteen-year-old sophomore Joshua Corneo, a member of Smash Club, said, “[Smash Club] is one of my favorite clubs to be a part of, because I know most of the members and we can have some competitive gaming fun.”

Jaison Ragnaught also went on to say, “Usually when we’re playing we have this thing we say, ’You’re gonna get Mark-ed!’ before we play, because Mark, one of the members, is one of the best [Super Smash] players there.”

At the end of the day, clubs are just a way for students who share similar interests and passions to come together and collaborate, have a great time, and open a door for others to get involved. Those who have a fervor for a certain activity and look to spend time with friends are strongly encouraged to sign up for the club that fits you.

If you feel you’d like to create one, you can start by bringing a written proposal to the vice principal and find at least one other person to be a member. If the club gets approved and a space and advisor is selected to hold it, you are free to design and provide for it as you see fit, provided you follow general guidelines.

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