Senior Spotlight: Kiersten Bixby

image1 (1)
Photo submitted by Kiersten Bixby.

by Isabelle Renzi

Senior Kiersten Bixby shines both on and off  the soccer field. In addition to being North Attleboro’s starting goalie for the second year in a row, she is a member of National Honor Society, Foreign Language National Honor Society, Leo Club, Project Unite, and Student Council.

A hardworking student who excels at balancing an impressive amount of extracurricular activities, Kiersten says that she enjoys all of her activities equally. Although they don’t leave her with much spare time, she would not chose to have any other high school experience. She says, “My favorite part of high school is being involved in everything and making new friends every day.”

The Red Rocketeers soccer team’s impressive record of 10-3-2 is prevalent in Kiersten’s experience as a goalie. She has been this position her whole life; originally choosing to be a goalie at the age of 4.

Kiersten has a strong hold on her future. As a member of the National Honor Society and the Foreign Language National Honor Society, and respectively 20th in her class, she has taken extensive preparatory courses throughout her high school career, including AP Psychology.

When asked what her plans are for the future, she explained that she plans on applying to North Park University, majoring in both business and psychology. She hopes to one day work with special needs young adults. She says, “I don’t just want to walk through life and have it be boring. I want to make a difference and have a story to tell.”

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