Fashion Show

by Jay Loring

Over the past 10 years, the NAHS cheer program has performed a fashion show for the community. As usual, the 2016 fall season fashion show was a success..

The fashion show opened with cheers from the varsity squad and was followed by a performance from junior varsity. The final cheer of the night was performed by the NAHS senior football players.

“It was really fun going up there and showing my skills. I hope to do it again soon,” said senior Thomas Kummer.

After the cheer from the football team, the fashion show began.  The cheerleaders of NAHS modeled the latest fall fashions along with four male models, football players Kyle McCarthy, Nick Rajotte, Bobby Mylod and Tom Reynolds.

“I was rocking it up there,” said Kyle McCarthy.unnamed

After all of the fall fashions were showcased, the formal show commenced. Every senior football player was paired with a cheerleader at the beginning of the season and each player escorted his cheerleader down the runway. Each player was dressed formally in a shirt and tie with either suspenders or a vest to match.

After the modeling was over, Mrs. Patty Johnson gave a heartfelt speech to the senior cheerleaders.

“The speech by Patty Johnson was very heartwarming and a loving speech to the seniors,” said spectator and formal football player Nick Moore.

Overall, the 2016 fall season fashion show was a success as always and a wonderful event put on by the North Attleboro cheer squad.

Zach McGowan said,  “I will for sure be there next year–it was a great show.”

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