SLP Procedure Change

by Lucas Foley

This year, the school’s procedure about schedules has changed and many students are upset about it, especially seniors. Though many people are upset about the change, not many people know what the actual procedure change is.

The new procedure is that each student must take six classes a semester. This may seem like a minor change, but it has a pretty big effect on some in the senior class.

Students who intentionally took more classes than needed during their first three years of high school can’t enjoy an easy senior year. “I loaded up on classes freshman and sophomore year so that I could relax senior year, but now I can’t,” said senior Colby Cameron.

The same year that the procedure change happened, all of the people involved in the rule change left their positions at the school. The only returning administrator, Mrs. Metcalf, had nothing to do with it.

I talked to Mrs. Metcalf about the change. She had no involvement in the decision, but she shared her thoughts on the change: “The spirit of the change was to make sure students do not come up short on credits and to encourage people to take advantage of the courses that are offered.”

Even though the change negatively affects some students, the majority of students are not affected by the change at all.

“I wasn’t that upset. I needed to take six classes a term anyway,” said senior Dylan Kane.

While the procedure change itself is not horrible, the administration could have implemented it better. They could have grandfathered in the rule, which would have allowed seniors the chance to benefit from their hard work over the past three years, while setting a new precedent for underclassmen. Instead it seems that seniors will have to adapt to the new schedule change even though they worked hard for three years.

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