Bio: Henry Bosland

by Liam Conway

Henry Bosland is a senior at North Attleboro High School who is approaching the end of his high school career.

When discussing what it is like to be a senior, Bosland said he is looking forward to getting out of school early. However, senior year is a very important year, and when asked about his least favorite part of senior year, Bosland focused on the future saying, “There is a lot of pressure and stress with college being a year away.”

Bosland is unsure of what he will do in college, but is leaning towards getting a degree in business, with a few universities in mind.

“A few of my favorite schools include Syracuse, Binghamton, and Ithaca,” Bosland commented. These schools interest him because he would like to attend college in New York state.

Outside of school, Bosland enjoys fixing and riding motorcycles. When asked how he first became interested, Bosland replied, “A few of my friends were into it, so I started looking into it and it seemed like a really fun thing to do.”

Bosland is also a big fan of Breaking Bad. When discussing this topic, he told me “I’ve watched it four times through, and each time I enjoy picking up on things that I had not noticed before.” Bosland is looking to finish high school on a high note, before he takes his talents elsewhere.

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