Local Eagle Scout Project Completed

by Annette Limoges

Charles Limoges is a Boy Scout from the local BSA troop 23. He has recently completed his Eagle Scout project and he is close to achieving the rank of Eagle Scout.

To achieve the rank of Eagle, scouts must put in a lot of work, Limoges explains.

 “All scouts must have all 13 Eagle required merit badges and eight non required merit badges, Scouts must also complete a service project and have it approved by council.”

In his project, Limoges built and donated three display cases to the North Attleborough Falls Fire Barn Museum so that they could display more items.

To build the cases it was necessary to obtain wood, paint, shelf supports, lighting and glass shelves and doors, as well as help to move and assemble to cases. Mr. Limoges was able to reduce much of the cost by getting the wood donated and got the glass at cost. This project saved the museum thousands of dollars that they would otherwise have had to spend on new display cases.

Cases after set up at Falls Fire Barn in NA

This project is the biggest step to overcome when working towards the Eagle Scout rank. Regarding this, Mr. Limoges said, “planning out your project is the hardest part, it will always be harder than you think.”

For his project he had to make sure that he could get all the supplies and afford to buy it; this took time, especially for the glass, which was the most expensive and the last material he was able to get. The time it takes to get the materials and do the physical work of construction can take up to a year, the paperwork takes even longer. 

This project is also a valuable learning experience for the scouts, because you have to be able to manage your time and money and lead others. Mr. Limoges states, “leadership and communication are important, you have to be able to coordinate with others to get things done.”


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