The Forward

By Dan Hayes

Since the first week of school soccer has been having practice getting ready for their first game against Oliver Ames. Eddy Mendoza has been practicing for the big game. 

Eddy Mendoza, a senior at North Attleboro High School has been playing soccer his whole life. He said “soccer helps me relax and I just love playing the game.”

Eddy has been on the varsity team since he was a sophomore.”Playing with older kids taught me ways to be better and ways to mature on and off the field.”

Mendoza plays forward and he explained his position by saying “I’m near the other team’s goal trying to score goals.”

Eddy’s favorite moment from playing is his first goal on a free kick. He said “We were playing Stougton and it was a big game for us and I gave us the lead late and it was a great feeling I’ll always have.”

Connor Rupert, a junior soccer player said “ Eddy is a great kid and he works hard to help this team.”Rupert also said “Eddy has helped me come back because with coronavirus cancelling football I got to play soccer again. Eddy has been a great leader and helped me get comfortable with the team.”

Connor also said “Eddy will be a big help for this team scoring goals for us and making plays to help us win close games.”

Eddy also has to plan his schedule around soccer. He said “ Trying to find time to get schoolwork done and having time to hang out with friends is something that is hard to do but soccer is only for a few months and then after I will have a lot more time.”

North Attleboro plays OA on Monday, October 5th in OA.

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