Point-Counterpoint: Is Black Friday Shopping Worth It?

Black Friday Shopping a Good Deal

by Joey Cook

The day after Thanksgiving is what we call “Black Friday.” This is noted as the first day of traditional holiday shopping. Almost all stores come out with doorbuster sales to attract consumers to shop at their stores. People will stand in line hours before stores open so they can get the bargain of the year. Black Friday is a very popular event in America and it is a great way to take a  jump on the holiday shopping.

Every year stores like Walmart, Best Buy and Target have unbelievable deals that people do not want to miss. Most people find that standing in line is worth the mild inconvenience in order to be one of the first to get the best deals, that way they can be the first in the store when it opens so they can get the deals they want.

“Items like TVs and laptops that are on sale sell out very quickly, so if you want one you better expect to be waiting in a line for a while,” said Black Friday shopper Neil Morrison. It isn’t only these stores that have great deals, it is basically every retail store out there, but some stores just have better deals than others.

Shoppers love Black Friday because they can get tons of items on sale and get a lot of their holiday shopping out of the way. Senior Nick Thorpe said, “ I love Black Friday because I can get most of my shopping out of the way and save some money.” For example, at Walmart there was a 40” 1080p LED LCD TV on sale for $150. Typically, this TV would have cost $279. If people can get those deals, they will be saving a ton of money during the holiday season.

Black Friday is technically the full 24 hours on the day after Thanksgiving, but some stores will have their flash sales only a few hours in the day. For example, Bass Pro Shops had their Black Friday sales from 5 a.m to 11.am, only 6 hours. “It really depends on the store you go to, but a vast majority of the stores are going to be very crowded, no matter what time the sales begin or end,” said Brian Poillucci.

Although there is an ongoing argument about how Black Friday can be dangerous due to everyone rushing into a place at the same time, it is a great way to save money during the holidays.

Black Friday Shopping? Bad Idea.

By: Danny Griswold

Black Friday shopping is an extremely popular event in America. Every year people wait in line for hours to rush into a store and buy things at a substantial discount. People look forward to this day all year and it gets treated as its own holiday.

A lot of people support Black Friday shopping, thinking it is a great way to save money and get holiday shopping done. Black Friday shopper Nick Thorpe, said, “The deals on Black Friday are incredible. Dealing with the crowd and long lines is worth it because of the money you save.”

While it is true that there is great deals on Black Friday, the negatives far outweigh the positives. Black Friday causes people to act like animals; they trample over each other and steal things right from other people’s hands. Every year people get injured and some people have died in some cases due to the extremities. According to blackfridaydeathcount.com, there have been seven deaths and 98 injuries on Black Friday since 2006.

Senior Nick Pedro stated that, since his negative Black Friday shopping experience, he feels negatively towards the tradition. “I went Black Friday shopping a few years ago and it was awful. It was so crowded in the store I couldn’t even move,” Pedro said. “The lines were hours long and everything sold out almost instantly. It was a terrible experience and I would never go again.”

If waiting in hour-long lines, getting attacked by other people, and having the risk of getting injured or killed sounds like fun, then go Black Friday shopping. However, no discount is worth going through all this trouble. Spending a little more money is worth it to not have to suffer through the Black Friday madness.

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