Student Profile: Bella Erti

By Taylor Gorman


 “I went to one of her games and she is really good, she can throw the ball so fast and perfectly,” said Kyla Rodrigues. unnamed

submitted by Bella Erti



NAHS Senior Bella Erti is a standout softball player for her school. She started as a little girl and began to find love for the sport. She started her softball career when she was seven by playing on Park and Rec teams and joining clubs. Years later she became the starting pitcher as a freshman for the Varsity team at her High School and now is the captain of the team. For all three years she was in articles, talking about all the strikeouts she pitched and her record. “She’s pretty good and we wouldn’t win championships without her,” says Olivia Hewitt.


Erti stated “I have always wanted to play softball in college.” Her dream college was Umass Lowell, who are in division 3 for softball.   However, she recently committed to American International College to play D2. The coach pulled her aside and offered her a roster spot and then eventually started to talk about money. She then met the girls on the team and became comfortable with them, and decided to commit. 


Erti worked hard ever since second grade for softball to make her dream come true, which was to play in college. Even though American International was not her first choice she was still very excited for the opportunity and said it was “the best day of my life.”  

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